Conference Saloons
Melet5,8 m11001,300720800X
Kızılırmak3,8 m30030025220058
Yeşilırmak3,8 m25025019615058
Sakarya3,8 m150100X8030
Fırat3,8 m14018014010040
Dicle3,8 m15018014010040
Meriç3,8 m3725-1817
Nifrit3,8 m4530-2025
Cinema  80-  
**The meeting halls are located in the main building.
*Selectum Family Resort Side reserves the right to change the concept without notifying third parties - institutions. All rights reserved.
*The Hotel Management reserves the right to make changes in the services provided when necessary in accordance with the Covid-19 measures.
*The opening-closing times of the venues may change according to the weather conditions and dates.